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Life energy is in constant pulsation in and around the body. Health is experienced when energy flows smoothly without significant blockage. When energy is unbalanced, pain and dis-ease arise. These therapies are a system of gentle hand contacts supported by exercises, diet, and counseling, to find the blockages and release energy to normal flow patterns, and to maintain the Energy Field in an open, flexible condition.

During a session, you remain fully clothes and lay on a comfortable surface. With gentle hand contact, energy flows are released in specific areas, similar to unblocking a water pipe filled with leaves. Once the flow is restored, the body’s own healing properties become more effective. The results are feelings of profound relaxation and well being!

Session of 45 minutes- $80.

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Energy Healing Therapy Questionairre

Balancing the 5 Elements – Self-Assessment Test

The cornerstone of Polarity Balancing lies in the 6000 year old system of Ayurveda (Ayu=life, Veda = Study). Use this survey to determine your current areas of imbalance by counting all the items in each column that apply to you right now. Total your scores. (You may want to print this page out in order to keep track of your score!) The highest score represents the element(s) and body/mind type (dosha) that requires balancing first. The information below it provides guidelines for bringing your body/mind back into balance.
Vata Dosha is derived from the elements of Ether and Air which govern space and movement within the body/mind. Pitta Dosha is derived from the element Fire which governs metabolism within the body/mind. Kapha Dosha is derived from the elements of Earth and Water which govern fluidity and solidity within the body/mind.
¨  changeable, indecisive ¨  judging, discriminating ¨  logical, stable
¨  worried, anxious, fearful ¨  irritable, angry, jealous ¨  complacent, steady, slow
¨  low appetite, weight loss ¨  excessive hunger or thirst ¨  gain weight easily
¨  constipation, gas or bloating ¨  indigestion or heartburn ¨  slow digestion
¨  dry, chapped skin ¨  sensitive skin, rashes ¨  oily skin
¨  fast moving, talking ¨  perfectionist, intolerant of delays ¨  slow moving, talking
¨  restless sleep ¨  often overworks ¨  often oversleeps
¨  impulsive ¨  demanding, intolerant of errors ¨  resistant to change
¨  poor circulation ¨  thinning, graying hair ¨  sinus congestion, mucus
¨  can’t relax, ¨  critical, argumentative ¨  possessive
¨  easily fatigued ¨  excessive body heat ¨  allergic reactions
¨  overactive mind ¨  frustrated ¨  procrastination
____ Total for Vata _____ Total for Pitta _____ Total for Kapha
If Vata is your highest score, balance ether & air to Calm your body/mind by: If Pitta is your highest score, balance fire to Cool your body/mind by: If Kapha is your highest score, alance water & earth to Stimulate yoiur body/mind by:
regular, stable routineregular, daily eliminationstay warm in cold, windy weathertry warm, oily, heavy, sweet, sour & salty foodsreduce light, dry, cold, pungent, bitter & astringent foods

Use aromatherapy: lavender, cedarwood, juniper, ylang-ylang, patchouli, myrrh, sage, geranium, tulsi

Enjoy a Polarity Session

moderation, don’t overworkallow for leisure timekeep cool, avoid hot temperaturestry cool, heavy, dry, sweet, bitter & astringent foodsreduce pungent, sour, salty, warm, oily, & light foods

Use aromatherapy: Sandalwood, rose, lavender, gardenia, saffron, jasmine, lotus, vertivert

Enjoy a Polarity Session

exercise regularlyseek out new experiencesstay warm in cold, damp weathertry pungent, bitter astringent, light, dry & warm foodsreduce heavy, oily, cold, sweet, sour & salty foods

Use aromatherapy: eucalyptus, basil, tulsi, rosemary, peppermint, lemon, camphor, frankincense, sage

Enjoy a Polarity Session

Examples of foods:
Sweet = sugar, milk, butter, rice, breads, pasta Salty = sea salt Sour = Yogurt, lemon, cheese, vinegar
Pungent = spicy foods, peppers, ginger Bitter = spinach, green leafy vegetables Astringent = beans, lentils, honey

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