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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive diagnostic system to detect problems in the body. Thermal Imaging can also provide information about a patient’s response to treatment. It is the only accurate way to see inflammation in our body.

  • Thermography can detect disease and injury by revealing the thermal abnormalities present in the body.
  • Can assess pain and pathology anywhere on the body and is very helpful in monitoring therapy.
  • No radiation – 100% safe for everyone
  • Non-invasive, no injections
  • Offers privacy – no bodily contact

Thermography Screening of Jaw Pain

Jaw pain caused by TMJ

(Temporo-mandibular Joint Disorder)

Thermography Screening of Stress Fracture

Stress fracture not

detected with x-ray

Thermography Screening for Breast Cancer

Inflammatory Carcinoma

– breast cancer

Clinical thermography is used as an aid for diagnosis and prognosis, as well as monitoring therapy progress, for conditions and injuries, including:

Back Injuries | Digestive Disorders | Breast Disease | Arthritis | Stroke Screening | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Headache | Disc Disease | Nerve Damage | Inflammatory Pain | Unexplained Pain | Skin Cancer | Fibromyalgia | Referred Pain Syndrome | RSD (CRPS) | Sprain/Strain | Dental and TMJ | Artery Inflammation | Whiplash | Vascular Disease


DITI is an excellent tool for early detection in breastscreening. Thermal Imaging can also screen for auto-immune disease, deep vein thrombosis, carpal tunnel , TMJ, herniated disc, neuropathy, thyroid dysfunction, carotid occlusion and more. No radiation, non invasive, FDA registered, reliable and accurate scans taken by Certified Clinical Thermographers and read by medical doctors. Absolutely NO side effects. Thermal Imaging is a screening and not a replacement for mammograms. We only have female Thermographers do breast screening.

Prices are: (includes MD interpretation)  Fees are paid at time of visit. You may call your insurance company and inquire if CPT code 93740 (Temperature Gradient Studies) is covered. You must pay at visit and then can file your receipt with your insurance. No promises are made, but some insurances are covering this.

Thermography Cost

1 Region of Interest (ROI)-$175. (15-30 minutes)
2 ROI- $250. (30 minutes)
3 ROI (Half Body)- $300. (45-60 minutes)
Full Body- $375. (45-60 minutes)

Buddy Discount at time of visit or with referral (both must have their scans together too receive discount): $10. off each.

Credit card- 3% convenience fee

Forms for Download

Thermography Preparation Information

Thermography Patient Intake Form

Thermography Review of Systems

Thermography Full Body Questionnaire

Thermography Breast Questionnaire

Thermography Breast Questionnaire Ext.

Thermography Breast Brochure

Thermography Brochure for Pain

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