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What Is Natural Medicine?

Natural medicine, which is also known as “naturopathy” or “naturopathic medicine,” involves using natural materials and methods in order to diagnose, treat, and prevent human disorders.  This type of medicine began by using foods and herbs as medicine, by exposing patients to fresh air and sunlight, and by using hydrotherapy (hot and cold water applications) as either a sauna or steam.  Natural medicine was first established as a separate profession in North America in the early 20th century by German immigrant Benedict Lust.  Lust studied under Father Sebastian Kneipp, who was famous for his involvement in the “Nature Cure” movement.  This movement involved much of the aforementioned characteristics that make up the field of natural medicine as we know it today.

Natural medicine emphasizes the idea that all living things have an inner ability to heal themselves when they face an illness or disease.  This ability enables us to self-clean, self-repair, and self-heal ourselves.  We can aid this process by focusing on the nervous, hormonal, immune, and elimination/detoxification systems of our bodies.  When these systems are in balance again, we will likely restore our health to an optimum level.

It is this reasoning that lead natural medicine doctors to treat their patients holistically.  This involves taking into account a person’s emotional predispositions, biomechanics, and biochemistry.  The key is getting all of a person’s bodily systems to be in balance again in order to restore the person to health.

An example to illustrate this is when a person develops a fever.  The fever is produced by the body in an effort to fight off a pathogen that has invaded the body.  If the person takes time to get proper rest and nutrition, the fever will invigorate the immune system to rise up, eliminate the invader, and return the person to health.

When a person seeks treatment from a natural medicine doctor, he/she will receive an individualized treatment plan based on the unique set of symptoms and reactions that the person has.  There are no magic medications that are prescribed for every person.

Natural medicine can be practiced by itself or can be used in conjunction with more conventional treatments.  The goal of natural medicine is to help a person obtain his/her optimal health and for the person to know exactly how to maintain this optimal health. 

While natural medicine can help to treat illnesses and diseases that occur, the real goal of natural medicine is prevention of illness in the first place.

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