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Infrared light therapy is a type of complementary therapy in which the person is near Infrared light which has been known to stimulate helping to restore function and increased healing. We are exposed to many toxic elements in our air, food, and water. This results in pain and inflammation that contribute to various chronic degenerative diseases.

By using specific infrared light known to influence the energetic pattern of virus, fungus, and bacteria and to inhibit their development in cells, you can bring the body into a tranquil state. These same studies also suggest that Infra-Red light therapy is beneficial for a wide range of health conditions.

Infra-Red Light therapy is completely painless and absolutely no heating of the skin or body is involved. Light therapy is only experimental and not designed to replace any medical treatment. No medical claims are made; this is used to help stimulate the body to heal itself.

$65 per 45 minute (approx) session.

This is recommended usually 1-2 times a week. Number of treatments needed is individually based. You may experience some healing crisis symptoms that can be avoided by drinking 8-10 glasses of water during and after sessions and make sure you are having 2-3 BMs daily. Please bring pure water with you. Please be on time as session starts promptly. Do not wear jewelry, watches, cell phones or other electrical devices. Wear comfortable clothing that is not bulky or multiple layered.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, neurogenic disease, possibly seizures. If in doubt, please consult your MD.

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